Don't be invisible to the fast growing mobile market!

If you're still designing your website just with desktop monitors in mind, you're missing the FASTEST GROWING market segments - those using tablets and smartphones for all their web browsing needs.

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It's a jungle out there!
Put your Best Face Forward EVERY TIME

Introducing MOBILE-OPT... providing you with the latest HTML 5 & CSS 3 standards along with device detection to offer your customers the right content at the right size for the mobile device!

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Optimized for iOS, Android & Windows

Mobile-OPT allows the user to drill down your site's navigation in a logical, device-consistent manner...

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Built with the Optimal
User Experience in mind
One Site Does NOT Fit All...
Finally, your site can be Optimized for MOST modern devices, resizing on the fly for device width and orientation. Designed with the user - your CUSTOMER - in mind!
jQuery Mobile for the basics...

  • Uses extremely lightweight framework, crucial for fast downloads
  • A new, very promising Open Source mobile framework
  • With PhoneGap, can make a virtual app for iPhone!

"The future of Mobile Development is jQuery Mobile!"

with more graphics-oriented tools like Sencha Touch as needed.

  • Longer history of stable releases - with a new 2.0 version out soon
  • Better for more visual sites - with less special coding required


Geared to work with
with fallbacks
for older phones
Works well with ALL the latest releases (A Grade OS)...
We stay current with updates to iOS, Symbian, Blackberry,
Android, and Windows - so you don't have to!
Don't try to navigate it ALONE!

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Mobile-Opt for Device-Optimized Web Sites

Device DetectionImmediate Recognition

How do we know what device the person is using? A simple series of CSS, JavaScript and jQuery snippets coded into your home page calls the right pages and styles before any files have downloaded.


Screen Size Info Laptop, Tablet or Phone?

The Javascript also determines the screen size - typically 768 x 1024 for tablets and 320 x 480 for smartphones, but with lots of minor variations and a major one - retina display - when it comes to iPhone.


Cross Platform With jQuery Mobile & Touch

The bad old days of Windows vs. Apple are largely over (old versions of Internet Explorer notwithstanding). Most new web browsers handle HTML5 features well - and all will in the next few months!

Progressive And yet backward too!

Take advantage of progressive enhancement - using the latest/greatest CSS3 transitions, for instance - and still be backward compatible for the browsers that don't yet support features.


Customized FontsMore than Verdana & Arial!

You can import fonts with HTML 5 and make them work for all browsers - even add CSS 3 effects like glow, highlighting and drop shadow! (caution: for best results, use in moderation!)


Bold is Beautiful Easy to read, easy to tap!

Today's mobility means CONTEXT is king! Mobile-Opt designs your smartphone app to give the users the info they need when they need it in a user-friendly context!


What GOOGLE Says...

One-Touch Functionality for Those on the Go: